Our 2019 Friendship Summit was a great success!

Below are just a few of the speakers who provided a host of practical relationship and wellbeing strategies

The Language of Friendship

Develop a common, ‘kid friendly’ language to connectwith kids, colleagues and parents.
Dana Kerford, URSTRONG

Connections before Content

Access a wide variety of games and activities that will help you create a more productive classroom.
Mark Collard, Playmeo

Cultivating Relationships through Sports

Gain insights into how sports can play a leading role in the development of healthy relationships.
Layne Beachley and the Sports Panel

From Growth Mindset to Benefit Mindset

Learn how a benefit mindset augments the effectiveness of relationship strategies and impacts the wellbeing of all.
Ash Buchanan, Benefit Mindset

Create a Calm Classroom

Learn how to de-escalate an angry studentwith practical, easy-to-use strategies.
Leonie Abbott, Berry Street

September 2020

Sydney and Melbourne

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