Ash Buchanan

Ash is a collaborator whose passions span the areas of wellbeing, leadership and regeneration. His work is informed by a love for the natural world and for bringing people and place closer together. He is the founder of Cohere, a wellbeing design and innovation agency and an associate of the Thrive Research Hub at the University of Melbourne. His research on Benefit Mindset is available through the International Journal of Wellbeing.

We asked Ash a few questions about friendship and below are his responses:

What’s your favourite childhood memory with friends?

Starting a band with my bro. It was the mid 90’s, he rocked the drums and I played guitar. It was an explosion of creativity and good times. Although, on reflection, I do feel a little sorry for the rest of my family and my neighbours. We made a lot of noise.

What qualities do you admire most in your friends?

Their willingness to contribute. For example a good friend just got married, and half our group of friends arrived the day before to help set up, and make it extra special. It’s really lovely to belong to a giving group of friends.

How has a friend inspired you or made you a better person?

My friends are inspiring me all the time. What most inspires me is when people have the courage to be vulnerable, and try things that stretch them. For example, I have a friend who just went on their first solo walk in nature, and choose to go for 5 days, all by their self. Amazing.


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