Dana Kerford

Dana Kerford is a Teacher, Friendship Expert, and the Founder of URSTRONG, a social-emotional wellbeing program for kids.

After starting her career as a 4 th grade teacher in Canada, Dana began to recognize the complexity and intensity of childhood friendships. Motivated to create cultures of kindness in schools and eradicate bullying, Dana launched her first skills-based friendship program in 2009. Since then, URSTRONG’s school-wide friendship strategy has been adopted by schools around the world.

Dana has been featured by numerous media and has presented at education conferences across North America, Australia, & Asia.

We asked Dana a few questions about friendship and below are her responses:

What’s your favorite childhood memory with friends?

The best moments are from Junior High & High School in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. Volleyball tournaments, driving around with Woody blasting Matchbox 20, sleepovers with Sophie & April playing Nintendo, coffees with Lisa & Chanlie, and parties…so.many.parties.

Tell us about your dearest friend – what makes you click?

I met my best friend, Sophie, when I was 12. It was love at first sight at a hockey game in Canada, with our matching BUM Equipment sweatshirts & identical Sunice jackets. Sophie was always there for me, stood up for me, and has always accepted me as I am.

What quality do you admire most in your friends?

Kindness. I have friends who have never said a bad word about anyone in their lives. They have hearts of gold!


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