Daniel Sandral

Mr Daniel Sandral is a passionate and dedicated educator, with extensive experience as a P–6 school leader.

Mr Sandral has a Bachelor of Education from the University of Sydney and a Masters Degree of Education from the University of Technology, Sydney. He also has a Diploma of Teaching and a Graduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language. As well as being highly experienced as a P–6 school leader, Mr Sandral possesses solid knowledge of curriculum and pedagogy.

Mr Sandral has held significant roles including as a Curriculum Consultant in the Catholic Education Office, at the Association of Independent Schools NSW (AISNS), executive roles in several Primary Schools, and Deputy Head of Junior School at Wenona prior to his appointment as Head of Junior School at MLC School in January 2018.

His love of teaching, enthusiasm and dedication is aimed squarely at encouraging  students to reach their full potential. He has a keen interest in evidence-based practice and its use in improving student learning outcomes.

We asked Daniel a few questions about friendship and below are his responses:

What challenges did you face in your friendships as a kid?

Isolation. Sense of being left out. I grew up on a farm and often felt isolated from my peers, particularly as we matured. Friends would often catch up in town and visited one another’s homes and talk about their adventures at school on Monday. I would feel rejected. As an adult I now know if was not the case. However, I did not realise that at the time.

Describe a time you leaned on your friend(s) for support & how they helped you

A significant awaking for me about the value of friendship occurred when I attended boarding school, during my later secondary years. For the first time I was no longer surrounded by family and the need to rely of friendships was significantly amplified. Over time we developed close bonds, supporting each other through our daily challenges; study, the loss of a relative, illness, whatever it may be. Whilst living away from home, my friends had become my extended family and support network.

What quality do you admire most in your friends?

Mutual trust has been, and I think always will be, one of my most admired qualities. Knowing that I have friends that will support me or just check in on me asking ‘how are things going?’ is something that I valued and appreciated. Friends that will challenge me, because they care for me, is sometime that I admire even if I do not always appreciate it! And friends that make be laugh and not take life too seriously are always good to have around.


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