David Kolpak

David Kolpak, Head of Junior Years at St Peter’s College, Adelaide, is responsible for the Wellbeing of the students and the Positive Education programs delivered to them. David, with his team, have developed the scope and sequence of programs taught between the ages of 3 and 13, ensuring ‘Character Strength’ education is embedded across all curriculum areas. With 28 years’ experience, David has established himself as a quality educator and presenter on Positive Education and Wellbeing initiatives, presenting both locally and nationally. David is passionate about relationships being a core feature of any wellbeing program.

We asked David a few questions about friendship and below are his responses:

What challenges did you face in your friendships as a kid?

It’s funny, because these days they wouldn’t be an issue. But being Eurpoean, and someone who wore glasses, the teasing would happen because of having ‘four-eyes’ or the closeness of my heritage (with the Polish community) being reflected in my daily interactions with kids at school. Eg. type of food, clothing, family rules etc.

What 3 words would a friend use to describe you?

I’d hope they’d be – trustworthy, loyal and kind

Tell us about your dearest friend – what makes you click?

My closest friend knows the good and bad about me and accepts them. They know that I can be weird – but they accept it. They allow me to be serious when I need to be, and to be a goof-ball when the need is there. Somehow, the balance of our friendship keeps us on an even keel – we recognise what each other needs.


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