Dr. Deb Perich

Dr Debra Perich is the Director of InsideOut at a leading Western Australian girls school, Perth College.

InsideOut is a sequential self-leadership program that provides opportunities for reflecting growth from inner development to outer excellence. InsideOut equips young girls with the ability to lead themselves and help them cope with future challenges, be more resilient, become stronger and more capable, and to make a difference in society. Through Deb’s leadership, Perth College and InsideOut are trailblazers in Positive Education. Perth College regularly host Positive Education Conferences in WA.

Deb has been teaching in the area of Health and Physical Education for over 20 years and is passionate about helping young girls become the best that they can be and empowering them to pursue their dreams. Deb has pursued research in the areas of Leadership and Health and Well-being and her PhD was a multi-disciplinary intervention program in schoolgirl rowers.

We asked Deb a few questions about friendship and below are her responses:

What’s your favorite childhood memory with friends?

I grew up on a vineyard in the Swan Valley, and the memories I savour the most with my friends are simply playing on our properties. We loved being on our bikes, making up games and getting dirty! Life was an adventure.

What 3 words would a friend use to describe you?

Kind, Honest, Fair

What quality do you admire most in your friends?

Kindness is definitely a quality I look for in all of my friends, but I greatly admire the courage of many! I love it how they put themselves into their challenge zones to pursue their dreams.


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