Layne Beachley

Layne Beachley AO is widely regarded as the most successful female surfer in history. The only surfer, male or female, to claim six consecutive world titles (1998-2003). Layne then went on to win a 7th world title in 2006 before retiring from the ASP World Tour in 2008.

In September 2018, more than a decade after winning her record breaking seventh women’s world surfing crown, Layne returned to the water to win an 8th world title, becoming the first female winner of the WSL World Masters Championship.

In between winning world titles, mentoring Australia’s young women to fulfil their potential and dedicating herself to charitable causes, Layne is focused on transforming lives, expanding consciousness and awakening the human spirit.

Layne is one of Australia’s most trusted and respected brands. As a highly sought after speaker, Layne shares her model for sustainable success, providing life changing tips and tools to turn ideas and intentions into actions, empowering people to become the champion of their life.

We asked Layne a few questions about friendship and below are her responses:

What’s your favorite childhood memory with friends?

Making friends makes life more fun. We savoured the freedom to play, climb trees, surf, skate, explore, bush walk and make up games,  the only rule was to ensure we were home by the time the street lights came on. Surfing with my mates was great fun because we shared in all of the laughter, challenges and excitement together, we cheered each other on, pushed each other and became a strong supportive like-minded tribe. 

What challenges did you face in your friendships as a kid?

Peer group pressure was the biggest challenge so I had to learn to stand firm in my beliefs, based on what I wanted to do and ultimately, how I wanted to feel. As a teenager I refused drugs, smoking, sex and alcohol and gravitated towards friends who never pressured me to do these things or make me feel uncomfortable for not conforming. Knowing who you are and what you stand for empowers you to choose wisely, this allows your tribe to gravitate to you.

What 3 words would a friend use to describe you?

Outgoing, honest and passionate.

Describe a time you leaned on your friend(s) for support & how they helped you.

Friends have helped me through my darkest most challenging times when I suffered horrendous injuries, chronic fatigue and depression by always being there to listen and support me, without judgment, criticism or blame. Those same friends were also there to celebrate my success and world title victories and support me in business and in life as they recognise the work I invested into being the best I can.

In what ways do friends add value to your life?

They are my honesty barometers, accountability partners and partners in adventure. Experiences are much more enjoyable when you share them with people you love. My friends have consoled me during hard times, celebrated my success and allowed me to share their accomplishments as well.


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