Samantha Lovegrove

Samantha Lovegrove is a Deputy Principal in Brisbane and a Queensland Department of Education Wellbeing Champion.

Samantha has brought about positive change within her school community. She is committed to fostering a positive culture within her school and her staff all speak of her dedication and passion. Samantha has achieved outstanding outcomes for her school from academic achievements to improving physical activity amongst staff and students. Through her leadership, Morningside State School achieved the Lord Mayor’s Brisbane City Council Award for Highest Percent of Active School in a Small School 2017. She has initiated a number of reward and recognition programs to encourage positive interactions among staff and students. Samantha’s positive and enthusiastic nature influences all who attend Morningside. She is an inspirational leader who is well respected and highly valued both in her school and community.

We asked Samantha a few questions about friendship and below are her responses:

What 3 words would a friend use to describe you?

Creative, energetic and passionate

What quality do you admire most in your friends?


Tell us about your dearest friend – what makes you click?

She makes me laugh constantly! She accepts who I am and the choices I make in life. She listens and is not afraid to give her honest opinions.


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